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We are so excited to share our new, sparkling Spa Wailele location with you! We are now located in the charming Applewood neighborhood! 

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Baby Face Skin Care offers THE resort-spa premium HydraFacial in the Denver metro area. The liquid resurfacing HydraFacial treatment exfoliates and infuses truly transformational serums into the skin, immediately reducing the appearance of fine lines, congested pores, and acne while noticeably brightening uneven tone caused by photo-aging. 80 minute treatments include the healing vitamin C and kale mask and LED light therapy originally developed by NASA.

Introductory 80 min. Treatment $235
50 min. $225
80 min. $295
Package of 6, Buy 5 Get One FREE Only $1450

• Britenol face $50
• Chrono Peptide $55 face | $75 face and neck
• Dermabuilder $55 face | $75 face and neck

Wiki Wiki Bar Facials
Baby Face Wiki Facial (30 min.)
Turmeric Energizing Facial (30 min.)
Arctic Berry Peptide Facial
 (30 min.)
Rezenerate Hyaluronic Infusion (30 min.)
Oxygen Infusion (30 min.)
Tropical Escape WikiWiki Facial Achieve immediate results from Eminence’s Pineapple enzyme and coconut cream masque paradise for your face! (30 min.)

Our Newest Addition to our Treatment Portfolio

ProCell Microchanneling

Microchanneling naturally improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body already has. Microchanneling just turns it on!

Methods for producing new collagen have revolutionized the skincare and beauty industry, and ProCell has taken it to the next level by developing a more sophisticated technique in combination with potent growth factors and Hyaluronic acid. The results speak for themselves and will only amplify your treatments with us!

Introductory Rate $300 ($50 off 1st treatment!)

60 min. treatment $350
ProCell Package of 3 treatments $900 ($150 off)
Procell package with choice of: One 80 min. HydraFacial (including Dermabuilder)
or an Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial $575 ($150 off) (booked separately)

Couples Facial and Body Treatments 

Couples, family, friends, get your facial or body treatment side by side in our Wiki Wiki Room! (Price per person)

Wiki Wiki 30 min. facial of choice $75-95
Baby Face Facial of choice 50 min. $145
Baby Face Facial of choice 80 min. $165
Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial 50 min. $205
Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial 80 min. $285
Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Wrap 80 min. $185
Back Facial 50 min. $155
Microcurrent Body Sculpting (see description on menu) $100 introductory (normally $195)
Microcurrent Facial Sculpting (see description on menu) $155 (add-on $100)
Rezenerate Facial (see description on menu) 50 min. $175

The Doll-Uxe!

Achieve instant and noticeable results!

The Advanced combination of an 80 min HydraFacial, with the potent citrus and kale C+E masque, extractions, massage, 2 signature hydrafacial boosters Dermabuilder and Britenol with LED light. Finished with an Intraceuticals collagen-laced Oxygen infusion.

120 min. $400

Oxygen Infusion (30 min.)

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Facial

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Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

This famous oxygen facial is a celebrity favorite! This treatment infuses vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants deep into the skin to plump and fill the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is known to rejuvenate and lift. Baby Face Skin Care customizes this treatment to include a facial and exfoliation with the Rezenerate pen prior to oxygen infusion. The advanced Intraceuticals Retouch Hyaluronic Acid booster serums, laced with next generation peptides, are included in the 80 min treatment.

Introductory 80 min. Treatment (includes Rezenerate) $225
50 min. $225
80 min. $285
Package of 6: Buy 5 Get One FREE Only $1450

Retouch Next-Gen Peptide Fillers $50 face & neck
LED Light Treatment $45

Microdermabrasion Facial

The microdermabrasion treatment uses gentle, fine mineral crystals to blow away dead cells and resurface the skin. Performed with the full Baby Face Facial and potent vitamin C and kale masque, it is great for mild to severe acne, sun damage and spots, and oily congested skin types.

Microderm Treatment 50 min. $165
Microderm Treatment 80 min. $185
Package of 6 80 min Treatments: Buy 5 Get One FREE Only $925

Rezenerate Facial

This facial feels like a glass of wine for the skin. This facial uses non-invasive, pain-free nanotechnology. Using oscillation, this treatment serves as a catalyst to deliver vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other healing serums into the skin’s top layer (i.e., the stratum corneum). Done with an antioxidant polish and a vitamin C and kale masque, it helps with plumping, anti-aging, brightening sunspots, scarring, and releasing congested pores. Add the Rezenerate treatment to any facial for only $65.

50 min. $175
80 min. $195

IS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

An express version of IS Clinical’s “Red Carpet Treatment”. It has a juxtaposition of hot and cold. The fire is a cinnamon glycolic peel that has a warming sensation. The ice is a cool, soothing, hyaluronic acid masque with Japanese green tea and mint. A great express treatment & a quick light up for dull skin. Look your best when hanging out around Denver!

30 min. $75

Eminence’s Fire & Ice Experience

This volcanic and gemstone charged facial is result-oriented and inspired by the Turmeric Energizing Treatment! This treatment takes the eminence paprika pepper to another level! It heats up and emulsifies deeply congested pores, while increasing blood flow. You may get flushed at first, but the turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to diminish redness. The skin is cooled, calmed, and refreshed with cold derma globes and pink tourmaline charged camilla hydration oil.

50 min. $145
80 min. $165

Hibiscus Line Filler and Eye Lift $25
Oxygen Infusion Treatment, for the ultimate cool down and youthful plump $85


Dermaplaning removes light peach fuzz as well as the top layers of dead skin cells. The skin is then healed with a more soothing Vitamin C masque and hydrating rosehip vitamin C oil.

50 min. $145

Oxygen Infusion Treatment is the ultimate way to hydrate, cool and soothe the skin after a dermaplane treatment $85

Facial Add-Ons

Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion 30 min. $85
Rezenerate Nano Pen $65
LED Deesse Pro Light Treatment 20 mins $45

Microcurrent Body Sculpting

Confidence Pro Sculpt Bodicurrent Treatment uses the most powerful anti-aging, detoxifying, and body sculpting holistic microcurrent technology in the industry. It uses a combination of micro, pico, and nano currents to strengthen your muscles deeper than exercise and diet alone. It has been known to speed the healing process of injury. Please discuss contraindications with us before setting up your first appointment.

*Introductory offer $100 for the first one hour session plus consultation to discuss your personalized treatment plan.
*Single session $195
*Package of 6 Buy 6 Get 1 FREE $975
*Package of 12 Buy 10 Get 2 FREE $1950

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

The industry-leading Confidence Pro Microcurrent technology is a relaxing and powerful facial sculpting method. Personalized to you, soft silver gloves are used penetrate powerful peptide-laced hyaluronic acid into the skin with micro, pico, and nano currents. This treatment will lift and tone facial muscles as well as offering lifting and firming to the skin. This is also an incredible therapeutic treatment for facial muscle tension.

50 min treatment $155
30 min add-on for HydraFacial, Oxygen, Baby Face or Rezenerate Facials $100

Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Wrap

Our introduction to Eminence body treatments! Throughout this entire treatment, the succulent stone crop’s super plant power is infused into the skin. Using their revitalizing body scrub for an invigorating body exfoliation treatment of sugar and salt, and antioxidant-rich lemon peel to brighten and smooth the skin. The stone crop and aloe body wrap masque is layered and massaged into the skin. Then the light-weight body oil with Arnica is applied to reduce swelling. We finish this elegant treatment with the stone crop contouring body cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite with active ingredients. Offers incredible results when paired with the Confidence Pro Bodicurrent Treatment!

80 min Treatment $185

Back Facial

The Baby Face Facial for your back (“The Bacial”) is performed with a constant massage flow and it’s customized to your skin care needs. Our products with advanced fruit acids and potent vitamin C repair. They will help to brighten sun spots, heal acne and clear congested pores, leaving you with smoother skin.

50 min. $155

Baby Face Facial

Our Baby Face Facial is customized to meet your unique needs. We exfoliate with an antioxidant-rich polish to noticeably renew, brighten and refresh congested pores. We also apply a Natural enzymatic fruit acid and the potent vitamin C and kale masque to significantly heal sun damage, acne, photo-aging, and brighten sunspots.

50 min. $145
80 min. $165

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First Time Brow Shape
Returning Brow Waxes
Returning Brow Waxes
Face w/o Brows

Body Waxing

Extended Bikini
$60 (Full)
$40 (Half)
$85 (Full)
$60 (Half)
Men's Back
Men's Chest


Lashes & Brows